The Elabs Warzone

Elabs has it’s own warzone – we call it the ping pong room.

When you walk past the warzone, and a game is in action, your ears will be filled by screams and shouts, both of agony and in triumph.

If you dare enter the warzone you will witness two Elabs employees in action. The ball moves at the speed of light and spins and twists like a crazy fly waiting for the inevitable outcome: the smash, followed by a cry of triumph and one of agony. This is deadly serious.

The ball lies in the hand, fingers gently squeezing it. The gaze between the two opponents is intense, both passing back and forth, like two wolves baring their fangs and showing of their muscles. Ready to jump at each other at any second. Then the ball is released, wet from perspiration, and in action. Soon another cry of triumph and one of defeat.

The warzone is calm and quiet, the game is over. We have a winner and a loser, returning to their computer for some more pair programming, both knowing that the next game can change everything. The current hierarchy is just temporary among the Elabs wolves.

Johannes in action


Inside Information

A new side of Elabs is about to be revealed. You will be granted access to our office, to our thoughts, to the very core of our work. The intention is to share our everyday life.

First we want to welcome our newest addition, the Stockholm crew: Peter Marklund, Ingemar Edsborn and Dennis Rogenius. Ingemar and Dennis have worked with us before and we are very happy to announce them as official Elabs employees! Peter and CJ have known each other for several years. You will soon get to know them better, and the old Gothenburg crew, through a series of personal interviews which will be posted here on the blog.

The Stockholm crew is currently in the Gothenburg office for a two week long Elabs bootcamp. We will share knowledge, get to know each other and have fun. Pair programming, talking and playing ping pong. Soon we will hopefully recruit a fourth crew member as well. Our Stockholm headquarter will be located in our customer Streamio's facilities on Sveavägen. We are very happy to be sharing space with them!

We would also like to thank our client Alessandro, from Tinet, who was here last week working with us. Thank you for great pastries, fun conversations and productive work. Now he is back in a sunny Sardinia, Italy. We are just a little bit envious.

We hope you will enjoy the coming inside information!