Hemmalivs Online Store

Client :Hemmalivs Skandinavien AB

Year :2009

Web site :

Hemmalivs is an online store letting people in the Helsingborg area of Sweden do their grocery shopping from home. In addition to being very convenient for the customers, the efficient deliveries are also more friendly to the environment than if people were to drive to and from the supermarket themselves.

When the developers of their original system went out of business, Hemmalivs asked us to help them design and develop a brand new system to replace to old one.

We simplified the user interface and made the design feel more open and welcoming, while still being familiar to old customers. We used Javascript and Ajax to streamline the shopping experience for customers.

The Ruby on Rails-based backend integrates with the payment gateway Netgiro to allow customers to pay with credit card or direct payment from their Swedish bank accounts. The backend also integrates with Hemmalivs existing order and logistics system.

Hemmalivs screenshot


Mediatec Group Web Site

Client :Mediatec Group

Year :2008

Web site :

In cooperation with our parent company, Edithouse, we created a web site for Mediatec Group, one of Europe’s largest corporations working with technical solutions for event and television productions.

We developed a simple CMS that automatically gathered products, news and case studies for their different business units.

The power of Ruby on Rails allowed us to quickly develop this custom solution that was specifically tailored to their needs, instead of trying to shoehorn them into a complicated off-the-shelf solution.

Mediatec screenshot


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